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How to Submit Your Information Online:

  • Please submit hours for each site separately.
  • Complete the information on the form to the right and Click the Submit Button.
  • Multiple days and hours can be entered in the Date and Hours box.
Option #1 For Volunteers Only:
Please contact us if you are unclear of how any of the options work and we'll help you get started.
Lake County
Mineral - Sanders Counties
Ravalli County
Lincoln County
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* Required
Boxes will contain all information entered even though they 'appear' too small.
(This option is currently available only for Volunteers. Sites please use one of the other methods below to submit hours.)
1. Click on the link or icon at right to print out the time sheet.
2. The form will open in a new window.

Print Time Sheet - Complete the Form - Send via U.S. Mail or Drop Off
E-Mail Your Information
Option #3 for Volunteers and Sites
Option #2 For Volunteer Sites Only:
Information must be sent from the organization's email address.

1.Name of site
2.Name of volunteer(s)
3.Total hours worked by each volunteer by month; more than one month may be included, but each month’s totals should be separate.
4.Name of person from the site who is verifying the hours.

For Ravalli County Volunteer Hours:

For Lake and CKST Volunteer Hours:

For Mineral and Sanders Volunteer Hours:

For Lincoln County Volunteer Hours:
(This option is currently available only for Volunteer Sites - Volunteers please use one of the other methods to submit hours.)
Volunteers can submit hours either by using the online form in Option 1 or by using Option 3. 

Workstations can submit hours using Option 2 or Option 3 below.